Benefits of Utilizing Electronic Health Records

An increasing number of medical professionals are moving away from the paper records and documentation of the past in favor of digital records. Electronic health records (EHR) have helped simplify office administration tasks and improve patient care for practices around the country in a variety of healthcare fields.

Chiropractors can also enjoy many of the benefits of EHR software by applying this technology to their own practice. However, it can be difficult to find EHR software that is ideally suited for the chiropractic field, and furthermore, these practitioners must consider their own technological capabilities and budgetary concerns when investing in this type of software.

By using Web-based BackChart chiropractic EHR software to digitize their patient records, physicians in this industry gain the advantages of digital record keeping while also mitigating the cost and technical concerns common during the implementation of EHR software.

Improve patient care with chiropractic EHR

Doctors often turn to EHR software for its practical benefits. After all, being able to access patient records digitally means physicians can make decisions quickly and accurately more often.

BackChart chiropractic EHR, for example, frees physicians in this field from having to pull paper records each time they need to review a patient's case. Similarly, patient data can easily be transmitted and accessed from any location, ensuring this information is not tied down to a particular office.

Chiropractic EHR allows for doctors to build on past notes and create living, breathing patient documents that can be updated whenever necessary. Additionally, the Web-based capabilities of BackChart chiropractic EHR give doctors the ability to monitor patient care wherever they can receive an internet connection, offering more flexibility in day-to-day responsibilities and allowing doctors to spend less time handling administrative tasks and more time caring for patients.

Gain access to valuable government funds

To encourage the use of EHR systems and software, the federal government has provided financial incentive programs to physicians through agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. By deploying EHR systems in their practice, chiropractors can gain access to up to $44,000 in government incentives.

In addition, because BackChart requires a minimal investment - only a monthly subscription charge rather than a large upfront fee - chiropractors who install this chiropractic EHR software will enjoy even greater cost efficiency.

At the same time, CMS mandates that medical professionals meet stringent meaningful use requirements to qualify for these incentives, putting the onus on physicians to make the most of these technological capabilities. However, with BackChart chiropractic software, doctors gain access to a sophisticated and comprehensive Web-based EHR system that will become the cornerstone of their practice management, putting them on the path toward meaningful use.

Why BackChart is the premier chiropractic EHR software

By turning to BackChart, chiropractors gain more than just the ability to digitize their patient records with EHR software. BackChart is the industry's leading chiropractic EHR, partly because its implementation and cost benefits surpass those of any typical EHR system.

Chiropractors who subscribe to BackChart do not have to worry about installing a cumbersome software package that may require new hardware to run. Similarly, these professionals will not need to budget a significant upfront payment to afford BackChart - we charge our customers on a monthly basis to spread out this investment in a more manageable fashion.

Additionally, professionals who deploy BackChart chiropractic EHR gain increased visibility into their patient's health and the power to act on this information faster. With the mobility and flexibility of BackChart chiropractic EHR, physicians can introduce new capabilities to their chiropractic practice.